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                              I N G A L L S

English: patronymic from the Anglo-Scandinavian

personal name Ingell, Old Norse Ingjaldr (see Ingle).

                                                              I N G L E

English: from either of two Old Norse personal names: Ingjaldr, in which the prefix in- probably reinforces the element -gjaldr, related to Old Norse gjalda ‘to pay or recompense’, or Ingólfr ‘Ing’s wolf’ (Ing was an ancient Germanic fertility god). English: habitational name from Ingol in Lancashire, which is named from the Old English personal name Inga + holh ‘hollow’, ‘depression’. Probably a variant of German Ingel, from a short form of any of several Germanic personal names formed with Ing- (see 1 above).

( Surname  INGALLS  is  taken  from  Family  Tree  Maker )

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