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  Anatomy  of  the  " O " Surnames

Origin - Meanings of Surnames beginning with " O "

                                            O ' H A R A

The decendant of 'Hara,' Chaldee form of ara, a mountain.  In gaelic, arra signifies a pledge, treachery; arr, a stag, a hind; arradh, an armament; ara, plural of ar, slaughter, battle.  Hara, Saxon, a hare.

                                          O L I N G E R
German: variant of Ohlinger.
name fro someone from Olling in Bavaria or Ollingen near Ulm, or form Olingen near Betzdorf.

                                         O S B O R N (E)
(Origin Saxon) From hus, a house, and bearn, a child -- a family -- a family-child, an adopted child.