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 Anatomy  of  the  " Q " Surnames

Origin - Meanings of Surnames beginning with " Q "

                                      Q U I G L E Y
Irish: reduced Angliczed form of Gaelic O'Coigligh 'Decendant of Coigeach', a byname apparently representing a simplified form of coigealach 'like a distaff', 'untidy person'.  This was originally a Mayo name.

                                          Q U I N N
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic O' Coinn 'decendant of Conn' (see O'Quin).  This is the name of several families in Ulster and counties Clare, Longford, and Mayo.
Anciently O'Con.  The decendants of Con Ceadcaha, one of the early monarchs of Ireland.