McBride - Bumpus Genealogy

                    John Struthers

   Born: abt 1805 - Lawrence Co., Pa. ?

                 Married: Mary Duff

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     Their daughter ElizabethStruthers

   - married - DavidArmstrongMcBride

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November 1621

Wales England

Coat of Arms

John ( Jan ) Wynantz Winans Sr

    Born: Jan 1639/40 - S, Holland,

     ( Now Belgium ) Netherlands

        Married; Susannah Melyn

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Ireland 1700's

Sesquehanna River

  Mary Armstrong

Born: 1795 Pennsylvania

Married: Alexander McBride

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5 generations included

Wentworth Woods

Vintage Days

    Edouad Bompasse

     Born: 1603 England

Married: Hannah Annable

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Upper Danau Farm

   William WR Stevens

Born: abt 1819 - poss. Ohio

 Married: Margaret Baltzell

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Wuerttemberg, Germany

Wuerttemberg, Germany

Colosium Garden

"  Just  digg'n  up  Family  Roots  and  make'n  Branches  "

                           "  I  need  a  Coffee  Break  !  "

            Georg Phillip Zoeller

         Born: 23 Dec 1784 - Germany

Married: Juliana Elisabethe Schmalzhaf

    'Zoeller' Family marries into 'Beisel'

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Plain Grove

      William McNees

     Born: 1675 Scotland

      Married: (unknown)

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     Christian Phillip Beisel

                Born: abt. 1805

Married: Barbara Elizabeth (Unk)

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                  Rachel Carrier

Born: 1798 - Seneca, Catteragus, NY

      Married: Joseph Jacob Brown

            Mother:  Honor  Hogins

      Descendant of Seneca Indians

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                  Dedication to our

           American Indian Heritage

Yorkshire, England

Old Time Clock

Schriesheim, Baden -

Dorset, England

Burnt Cabins Mills

​ Burnt Cabins, Pa.

     Abram Cornelius

        Born: 1701 - Italy

  Married: Nancy Wendell

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Cornelius Family  .zip  file

    Thomas McCune

Born: 1741 - Franklin, Pa.

 Married: Margaret Karr

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      Reginald de Wentworth

Born: 1008 - Wentworth Woods

         Yorkshire, England

        Married: ( unknown )

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         Wentworth  .zip  file

Gallipolis, Ohio

              Galfridus Brewster

Born: 1350 - Rushmere, Somerset, England

              Spouse info is unknown

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          His 5th great Grandson William

         Brewster & wife Mary Wentworth

         & their children were passengers

            on The Mayflower In Nov 1620

The Green Hills

Rockland Township

Wuettemberg, Germany

        Thomas Carrier

Born: 1626 - Wales, England

      Married: Martha Allen

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CarrierThomas1626  .zip  file

Martha - Salem Witch Trials


The Old Farm

Poole Harbour

Stamford, England



County Londonderry

Hanna's Tavern

​   1773 - 1776

Old Ireland

Venango Co., Pa.

        Henry Cotton

     Born: 1709 - Ireland

Married: Mary (Unknown)

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November 1620

  Georg Adam Schmalzhaf

  Born: March 1711 - Germany

Married: Anna Katharina Bickel

     This will take you to the

   Beisel - Schmalzhaf page

         Married into Beisel

  Wife being a ' Zoeller ' on the

 5th generation of Schmalzhaf

Westmoreland Co., Pa.

  County Courthouse

      Jonathan Kelly

Born: 1778 Pennsylvania

  Came from Path Valley

  Married: Nancy Taylor

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  Kelly Family  .zip  file

The Mayflower

Lawrence Co., Pa.

Vintage 1606

Wurttemberg, Germany

        William Scott

Born: Jan 1602/21 Ireland

  Married: Amanda Blake

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         Scott  .zip  file

         Path Valley

Cumberland, Pa  1906

        John Davison

Born: 1762 - Scotch - Irish

Married: Elizabeth Wilson

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 Davison Family  .zip  file

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       Christopher Browne

            Born: about 1450 -

Stamford, Lincolnshire, England

    Married: Agnes Bedingfield

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       Browne family  .zip  file

 ( Connected to Carrier Family )

Old City Street

New Castle, Pa.

In Old Times Italy

            Michael Dummer

Born: 1627 - Rottenacker, Germany

   Married: Magdalena (unknown)

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               Domer  .zip  file

             of our Family line

  Wlliam Gilbert Dean(e)

Born: 1550 - Dorset, England

      Married: Alice Talbot

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     Dean Family  .zip  file

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Venango County, Pa.

       Thomas Armstrong

            Born: 1720 in

   County Donegal, Ireland

Married: Isabella Armstrong

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 Thomas Armstrong .zip file

        of this Family Line

Massenbach ,

Blair County, Pa.

Alexander McBride Sr

         George Taylor

      Born: 1818 - poss. Pa.

Married: Rebecca Jane Kelly

Dau - Eliza Taylor

married - Wm. McBride

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Taylor Family  .zip  file

Public Square

Millstone Public House

Franklin Co., Pa.

       Family  Histories

       - Armstrong - Harris -

- Martin - McBride - McNees -

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    Family Histories  .zip  file

Lawrence Co., Pa.

       John Lee Forker

Born: abt 1800 - Pennsylvania

     Married: Sabillah Jones

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             Forker  .zip  file

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New Belgium

            Thomas A. Foster

Born: abt 1660 - Scotland or Ireland

            Married: Elizabeth Hall

     4th Generation Foster Married

         into 4th Generation Scott

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           Foster Family  .zip  file

               of our Family line

Born: 1759 Parish of Bellakella
County of Londonderry, Ireland
         Married: Sara Allison
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              Allison  .zip file
           of our Family Line
       5 Genarations Included

Vintage Map

Ship Fortune


                James Martin

Born: 1748 Westmoreland co., Pa.

         Married: Jane McNees

      Come to the Court House

            in Hanna's Tavern

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        Martin Family  .zip  file

Eliab Negley Cabin

Plain Grove Cemetery


Slippery Rock

              John Harris

 Born: 1650 - Yorkshire, England

Married: Unknown  &  Esther Say

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        Harris Family  .zip  file

            of our Family line

These Family Lines are either directly vs. indirectly connected to the McBride - Bumpus Family Lines.
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Plum Township

 Samuel Bailey Gill Sr

 Born: 1801 Pennsylvania

  Married: Mary Halloway

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      Gill Family  .zip  file

        of our Family line

Charles II - 1660

           Johan Buch

   Born: abt. 1706 - Duchy,

   Wurttemberg, Germany

  Married: Margaret Buchs

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Johann Buch 1706  .zip  file

Lawrence Co., Pa.

Path Valley

Pennsylvania 1838

Early  1800's

Yorkshire, England

  Alexander McBride

     Born: 1795 Ireland

Married: Mary Armstrong

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'Good Ole Slippery Rock'

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McBride Family  .zip  file

1714 Map