Decendants of William Allison Sr (continued)

(Generation No. 3 - continued)

Notes:  Liza and Henry had 5 children - no info other than that Liza
died when the youngest was born.

  iv.  Sidney Allison - M: _______ Allison / Married late in life - no children.

4   Andrew Allison (3) Sr - b. April 13, 1839 - d. Jan. 7, 1934
       He married twice:
(1)  Susann E. McFarland, May 6, 1866
B:  Nov. 8, 1816 - D:  Dec 13, 1913
(2)  Julia Ann Studebaker Humphrey, Dec. 13, 1877
B: Mar. 13, 1845 - D: Sep. 13, 1913

                                                                                   Obituary Notice
                                                     Retired Farmer of Slippery Rock Dies at age 9

                                                 Andrew Allison, aged 95, a resident of Worth Twp
                                           the greater part of his life, died at the home of his son -
                                            in - law, Ralph A. McBride, 214 W. Cooper Str, Slippery
                                                   Rock, Sunday, Jan. 7, after a 5 week illness.
                                                 Mr. Allison was born in Lawrence County, Scott
                                                Twp, April 13, 1839, the son of the late William and
Margaret Douglass. In May, 1866, he married Susan E. McFarland. Her death
occurred in January, 1877, and he then married Julia Ann Humphrey on Dec. 13,
1877. His second wife died Sep. 13, 1913.
     He was a farmer in Worth Twp. For many years, retiring about 14 years ago,
and removing to Slippery Rock. Where he has since resided.
     Surviving are a son, Andrew M. Allison Jr., of Slippery Rock; nine grandchildren,
20 great-grandchildren; a son-in-law, Edward A. McBride, and a daughter-in-law,
Mrs. John F. Allison of Slippery Rock. / He was a member of the Zion Baptist Church.
      Funeral services will be held from the McBride residence at 1 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon. Additional services will be held from the Zion Baptist church
in Worth Twp at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon with Rev. Carl Jones, Pastor,
Officating. Burial will be in the Slippery Rock cemetery.

(Note: Picture was not part of obituary, added by page author.)

Notes: Andrew AllisonSr died Jan. 20, 1877 and is buried at the Slippery
Rock cemetery - supposing weather prevented a burial with other family who
are buried at the old farm cemetery.

NoteSusan E. McFarland - Cause of death, tuberculosis - buried at old farm.

NoteJulia Ann Studebaker Humphrey - Julia was born on the 13th of the month,
married on the 13th of the month, died on the 13th of the month. - Zion Cemetery.

                                  Decendants of William Allison Sr (continued)

                                     (Generation No. 4 continued respectfully)

               6.-   Lydia Ada (4) Allison, B:  Oct. 10, 1873 and D:  March 27, 1933
                             Married:  Edward Alexander McBride, Dec. 25, 1859
                                  B:  Sep. 17, 1870 , D:  March 6, 1952

                      (Son of Samual J. McBride and Mary Diadema Cotton )

              Note:  Lydia and Edward McBride are both buried at Slippery Rock.

          New Castle, Pa                                                                         Paper / Date Unknown
          Monday, March 27, 1933
                                                                                                                 McBride Services
         Mrs. Ada McBride                                                                         Held here Sunday
         Mrs. Ada McBride, wife of E.A. McBride,
         died at her home, 126 West Cooper Str,                    Funeral services for Edward A. McBride,
         Slippery Rock, Pa., Monday, March 27,                     81, 214 West Cooper Str., Slippery Rock,
         following an illness due to complications.                who died Thursday at 8:45 p.m., in
         Mrs. McBride was born in Worth Twp.,                      Jameson Hospital, New Castle, were held
         Butler County., Pa. Oct. 10, 1873, the                        Sunday afternoon at 2:30 from Zion
         daughter of Andrew and Susan McFarland               Baptist Church. Rev. Carl Jones, pastor
         Allison and was 59 years of age. She was                 of the church, officiated and internment
         married to E.A. McBride, Dec. 25, 1895.                     was in the Slippery Rock Cemetery.
         She had been a resident of Slippery Rock                 Funeral arrangements were in charge of
         for the past 12 years. She was widely                        the Ligo Funeral Home.  Mr. McBride,
         known and highly esteemed. She was a                    who died following a short illness, was
         member of the Zion Baptist Church. She                   born September 17, 1870, near East
         leaves husband, E.A. McBride; one son,                  Brook, Lawrence County, a son of
         Ralph A. McBride; her father, Andrew                        Samuel J. and Mary Cotton McBride.
         Allison and one brother, A.M. Allison,                        He was a mechanical engineer who
         also four grand-children, Evelyn, Harold,                  resided in Worth Twp., before coming
         Ralph Jr and Jean McBride, all of Slippery                32 years ago to make his home in
         Rock.   Funeral services will be held                          Slippery Rock. He was employed in
         Wednesday, March 29,, at 2:00 p.m. in                       Slippery Rock State Teachers College.
         Zion Baptist Church, Worth Twp., Butler                    He was a member of the Zion Baptist
         Co., Pa. With Rev. Carl A. Jones, pastor                     Church and served it on the Board of
         of the church, in charge. Internment will                    Deacons for 40 years.
         be made in Slippery Rock cemetery.

                                 Child of Lydia Ada Allison and Edward Alexander McBride is:

           7.-   I.  Ralph Allison (5) McBride B:  Jan. 30, 1897 - D: April 21, 1973
                             Married:  Margaret Eleanor Book - Aug. 10, 1920
                      Ralph enlisted as a Private in Co. C, 324th Field Siganal Battallion on
                      Aug. 15, 1918, at Butler, Pa. He was Honorably discharged at Camp
                      Meade, Maryland - Jan. 25, 1919

               NOTE:  Grave location with information is added only IF it can be found.

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       Decendants of William Allison Sr. (continued)

         ( Generation No. 4 continued - 5 respectfully )

            Child of Lydia Ada Allison and Edward Alexander McBride is:

           7.-   I.  Ralph Allison (5) McBride B:  Jan 30, 1897 D:  April 21, 1973
                             Married:  Margaret Eleanor Book - Aug. 10, 1920
                      B:  July 10, 1899 D:  Jan. 15, 1984

           ( Daughter of: Leander Moore Book and Sarah Catherine Davis )

Note:  Ralph and Margaret are both buried at Slippery Rock Cemetery.

                                    Butler Eagle - Friday, May 31, 1968

50 YEARS OF BANKING - R.A. McBride, president and director of the First
National Bank of Slippery Rock, was one of 22 new members of the Pennsy-
lvania Bankers Association 50-Year Club inducted at the PBA's 74th Annual
annual convention in Atlantic City May 27. Among the others inducted with
McBride was Curtis W. Cording, VP of the Union National Bank of Pittsburgh.

NOTE:  Margaret Eleanor Book McBride never worked outside her and Ralph's
home, but was a wonderful and Loving Mother to her children and Grandmother
to her grand-children.  They were both members of the Zion Baptist Church.

                                   Ralph and Margaret had four children:

              Evelyn May, James Harold, Jean Eleanor and Ralph Book Jr. -

                         All having families and grandchildren of their own.

           8.-   John Allison (4) Sr. B:  Abt. * 1865 D:  * 1927

                         Married: Mayme M. Say - 1906
                                 B:  Abt. * 1866 D: * Bef. 1968

                              Children of John Allison Sr and Mayme M. Say are:

  I.  John Jr (3) Allison B:  Aft. * 1880
  ii.  Dorothy Allison B:  Aft. * 1881
  iii.  Kathleen Allison B:  Aft. * 1882

      (Obituary exerpt below)
        Professor Allison died at Slippery Rock of lingering illness - Professor of
            Mathematics and geography in the Slippery Rock State Normal School since 1916,
            Mr. Allison held an honored place on the faculty until 1926, when failing health
            compelled him to retire from active duty.
       Besides his wife, Mr. Allison is survived by three children, John F., Dorothy
            and Kathleen. He is also survived by his aged father, Andrew M. Allison, Sr., who
            is in his 89th year; D.W. Humphrey of Harrisville, and Andrew M. Allison Jr., of
            Slippery Rock, half-brothers, and Mrs. E.A. McBride of Slippery Rock, half-sister.

       Decendants of William Allison Sr (continued)

(Generation No. 3 continued - Generation 4 respectfully)

             Children of Andrew Allison Sr and Susan E. McFarland are:

           5.-   I.  Andrew Allison (4) Jr, B: May 24, 1869, D: April 30, 1950
           6.-   ii.  Lydia Ada Allison, B: Oct. 10, 1873, D: March 27, 1933
                               Married: Edward Alexander McBride, Dec. 25, 1895
                   iii.  Lilian-Eldora Allison, B: 1870, D: April 25, 1886
     Note: Lilian-Eldora died April 25, 1886 - 16 yrs old - tuberculous
                   iv.  Synthia Allison, B:              , D: Dec. 23, 1870
      Note: Synthia died from black diphtheia, buried old farm
                    v.  Turziah Allison, B: March 23, 1868, D: Dec. 22, 1870

                    Note: died from black diphtheria - buried old farm

                    Child of Andrew Sr Allison and Julia Humphrey is:

           7.-   vi.  John Allison (4) Sr
                                Married: Mayme Say

                                               Generation No. 4

           5.-   Robert (4) Allison Born: May 24, 1869
                         Married: Minta Studebaker
                  Note: Robert died of typhoid fever - buried Zion cemetery

                  I.  Carl (5) Allison
                  ii.  Joy Allison

           5.-   Andrew Allison (4) Jr, B: May 24, 1869, D: April 30, 1950.
                         Married: (1) Florence Br________
             (2)  Lizzie A. Stickel - Oct. 9, 1890

                   Note: Andrew died from a virus flu.
             Note: Lizzie died from scarlet fever germ in the blood, gaspericillis
                    She is buried in Slippery Rock cemetery.

                  Children of Andrew Allison Jr and Lizzie Stickel are:

  I.  George (5) Allison
  ii.  Margaret Allison
              Married:  William Clinton McClymonds, Dec. 20, 1911
  iii.  Joe Allison
  iv.  Floyd Allison
  v.  Sally Allison

  6.-   Lydia Ada (4) Allison - m - Edward Alexander McBride  ( see next page )

McBride - Bumpus Genealogy

                                          Decendants  of  William Allison Sr.

                                                            Generation No. 1

1.   Wm. Allison (1) Sr - was born in 1759, and died May 16, 1835.    Married Sara Allison.
        She was born in 1758 and died Oct. 14, 1816. They are buried at Old Farm Cemetery.
                                                                    Grave sites of Wm. Allison Sr and Sara Allison
                                                                             on a portion of the Old farm cemetery.

                                                                                      Engraved on gravestone

                                                             In memory of William Allison who departed this life
                                                           May 16, 1835, Aged 76 years. Born in Ireland, County
                                                           of Londonderry and emigrated to America A.D. 1799.

Notes for Wm. Allison Sr. : Wm. Allison Sr. and his wife Sara Allison and their
two sons, Robert and James Allison came to the USA in 1799 from Ireland -
Parish of Bellakella, County of Londonderry.

                                      Children of William Sr and Sara Allison are :

2.   I.  Robert Allison (2) Sr, b. Bef 1790, d. feb 1, 1839 - Married: Margaret Douglass

      ii.  James Allison , b. 1807 , d. July 5, 1855

                                                             Generation No. 2

2.   Robert Allison (2) born Bef. 1790 , d. Feb 1, 1839. Married: Margaret Douglass

            She was born: April 2, 1811 - Died: Nov. 5, 1868

Notes for Robert Allison Sr : Died of Throat Cancer - buried at old farm cemetery.

                    Children of Robert Allison Sr and Margaret Douglass are:

              I.    James (3) Allison, b. April 24, 1836, d. Aft. 1837

       Notes: never married - died from broken neck , Buried Unity Church - Harlansburg

3   ii.  Robert Allison Jr, b. Aug. 07, 1837

4   iii.  Andrew Allison Sr, b. April 13, 1839 , d. Jan 7, 1934.  M: Susan E. McFarland

                                                              Generation No. 3

3   Robert Allison (3) Jr, b. Aug. 7, 1837.  M: Mary Pizor.

             Notes: Robert was buried at Unity Baptist cemetery.

                                       Children of Robert Allison Jr and Mary Pizor are:

  I.  Harry Clarence (4) Allison - M: Sunthia McFarland / Notes: Harry C. was shot.

5   ii.  Robert Allison

  iii.  Liza Allison - M: Henry Bargley