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Mary  Diadema  Cotton  Family  Tree  Information

The  Family  Tree  starts  with  the  last  ancestor  whose

Grave  site  that  can  be  located,  along  with  Spouses

IF  that  is  possible  -  along  with  Family  Information.

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        Samuel J. McBride

Grave location & Information

     Mary Diadema Cotton

Grave location & Information

Mary  Diadema  Cotton  Family  Lineage

Lineage  starts  with  the  last  ancestor  whose  information

that  could  be  found  and  comes  forward  to  Mary  and

her  Family,  then  the  descendants  to  the  present.

 ( charts were made from  Family Tree Maker )

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       Mary Diadema Cotton

b:  28 Oct 1843- d:  26 Oct 1911

               -m-  14 Sep 1869

          Samuel J. McBride

b:  15 Dec 1839 - d:  16 July 1907

This name affords several derivations. Local, Welsh, Coedton, the woody hill; Coiton, Cuiton, Cornish-British; Cwtton, Welsh, the cottage hill. Cotden, Saxon, the cot in the valley; Cwthen, Welsh, the ancient cottage or dwelling.  —   An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names (1857) by William Arthur

Surname  " C O T T O N "  Information

NOTE :  Grave  Location  with  information  is  added  only  IF  it  can  be  found.

Mary  Diadema  Cotton  McBride  Lineage  &  Family  Information