McBride - Bumpus Genealogy

Lineage  starts  with  Margaret  Elma  Bumpus

and  her  Family  and  goes  back  in  time  to

her  Ancestors  that  walked  before  her.

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 Margaret  Elma  Bumpus

B:  14 July 1921 - D: 17 Aug 1997

           Married:  3 Nov 1944

   James Harold McBride

       B:  10 Sep 1923  -  Living

Butler Co., Pennsylvania

" Bompasse "  -  " Bumpus "   Lineage  &  Family  Information

Slippery Rock  College

 Margaret Elma Bumpus

Grave loction & Family Info

Margaret  Elma  Bumpus   Family  Tree  Information

The Family Tree starts with the last ancestor whose
Grave site that could be located, along with Spouses
IF that is possible - along with Family Information.

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  James Harold McBride

Grave location & Family Info