Memories  of  our  Hometown

Out Hometown is a Special Place               Going down fast all the hills in town

It certainly did take its toll ;                         Thru the winters ice, sleet and snow ;

But many memories do abound                  Then we all headed towards our homes

When we look into the Soul.                         For Mum's hot chocolate we'd surely go.

Town and famalies saw the wars                 The local swim'n hole was the place

Thru many nights turned to day ;                 To cool off in the summer heat ;

But for the Grace of God                                And when Mum made our dinner

Blessings came along the way.                     You surely made it back for a seat.

We all grew up close together                        Our small town has loving folks

Reuniting as the years passed by ;                And our doors we didn't lock ;

And Prayer went out from each one               For this my dear Good Friends

When lifes adversities made us cry.               was our Good Ole' Slippery Rock !

                              ( Our Hometown (c) 1998 Interchange Concepts )

​                                   ( Our Hometown - 4 Nov 1998 - Laurel, Md. )

​Slippery  Rock  Heritage  Association

     invites you to enjoy the sights around town

and discover a little bit of Slippery Rock History.

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( See  Slippery  Rock  Landmarks  at  the  end  of  the  stories  below ! )

Is  there  really  a  slippery  rock  ?

Why was this particular rock, so note worthy ?

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      Roxy  Theatre

 Long awaited deal to give

            Slippery Rock

    Motion Picture House

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  Slippery  Rock    *  ​  Butler  County    *    Pennsylvania

            A  Native  History  of

     Slippery  Rock , Pennsylvania

Follow  Delaware  Chief  Lapowinso

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Village  Called  Ginger  Hill  -  Newspaper / Date Unknown

         Legends  Abound  Over  The  Origin  Name  Of

                                    SLIPPERY  ROCK

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How  SLIPPERY ROCK  Got  Its  Name

             by  Jack  M.  MacDonald

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     Isaly's  on  Main  Street

        The  Slippery  Rock  Kid

              Short stories about growing

                 up in Slippery Rock, PA

​                          by   TXTommy

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Slippery  Rock  Is  Haunted  !!!

       Several  Locations  in  Town  are

      reported  as  being  HAUNTED  !!!

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Why  They  Called  It  Slippery  Rock

. . .  For  it  was  she  who  gave

                           Slippery  Rock  its  name

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The  Where  and  Why  of

       '  Slippery  Rock  '

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McBride - Bumpus Genealogy

Slippery  Rock,  Butler  County ,  Pennsylvania

           Vintage  &  Present  Day  Landmarks

                    Stoughton's  Beach

The sounds of laughter resonated above the joyful melodies of the carousel while the buttery aroma of freshly-popped popcorn wafted through the breeze.

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