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MacBride - Macgiolla - McBride

        Kilbride - St. Bridget

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Bompasse Lineage

​    Fortune 1621 List

     4 Oct 1911

New Castle, Pa

Slippery  Rock


Best  Viewed  with  an  Open  Mind

  Family  Biographies

associated w/ Bumpus

  Butler  County

Venango  County

   "  The  challenge  of  Uninterrupted  Imagination  comes  by  simply  the  stirring  of  the  mind  -

So  let  your  spirit  wander  in  its  uncertain  journey  and  you'll  be  surprised  at  what  you  find  !!  "

Heraldic  History

Origins of Irish

 Family  Names

J. B. McBride

R. B. McBride

Illustrious  Stock

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Mary  Armstrong

Surname Legacy

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    History  of

Ethnic  Origins



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More  things  are  wrought  by  Prayer

       than  this  world  Dreams  of.

       "  Broad  Streeted  Richmond . . .  The  Trees  in  the

        streets  are  old trees  used  to  living  with  people ,

Family  trees  that  remember your  grandfather's  name. "

                                - Stephen Vincent Benet -

Story of Bumpas Family

  Edouad  Bompasse

  The  Salem  Witch Trials 1692

​Our Ancestor - Unjustly Hanged



Follow  your  Heart  -  You'll  find  what  you  need !! "



"  I  can't  stand  this  -  Where  is  my  thinking  Chair  and  Coffee  ?  "

  Grave Sites and

Family Information

Brown , Davison,

   Forker , Etc.

 With Pictures and

Family Information

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Early  Census

Alexander McBride

  Mary Armstrong

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History & Stories

Anatomy of

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McBride  Surname

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    Bompas , France

History & Traditions




WHY  would  anyone  think  otherwise  ??

          Who Was

John G. Bradley

   in Plum Township

Dedication, Introduction & Introduction Appendix

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Native History with

  Legends, Stories

     & Landmarks

Locations our Ancestors

  Genealogical Information

Family History

 History  of

Last  Names

Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pennsylvania - Bradleytown, Venango County, Pennsylvania

N O T E :  Any  errors  in  dates,  names,  places,  etc.  are  purely  accidental  and

                 not  intended  to  change,  alter,  or  otherwise  misinterpret  the  facts.

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History ,  Legends

   and  Traditions

Native  History  with

    Legends, Stories

      &   Landmarks

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Origin & Meanings

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Surname Stories

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Bumpus Spouses

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 Old  Family  Bible

​  The  Word  of  God



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McBride Descendancy

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McBride Spouses


Family  Trees

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Martha Ingalls Allen Carrier

            ( 1650 - 1692 )

Private James F. Davison

Civil  War  Info

1st Lt. Samuel J. McBride

Slippery  Rock